Mark Shellenberger  
A 'Keeper you don't want to meet head on in the box. His days as a former outside linebacker serve him well in keeping attacking players intimidated.


Chris Allori Left – footed flank defender who has represented T & T at U-20 and U-23 levels… In his third season with the club… Aggressive with searing pace puts in good balls into the box from the flank. 


Bryan Davis  Offensive minded mid/forward with over 10 years experience. Willing to play just about any position, but prefers the glory of a goal. Stats are relatively low, but can easily be boosted with more consistent play. Speed, passing, and determination are strong points.


Art LoGreco 2nd year player learning the game. He now understands that you cannot use your hands on the ball. Hands are only allowed to be used to drag down or hold opponents.  


Ronaldo  Used as midfielder or striker… Regular with Antigua & Barbuda national team… Scored four goals against RKVFC of Netherlands Antilles in a Caribbean Zone qualifying Champs Cup match. Best darn foreigner on the team. Currently on loan to Real Madrid

BJ  Ruthven  Decided to move on to a team that would pay him to play.  Good luck BJ. We'll miss your cards and your ability to influence the ref's.

David Beckham   Powerfully built, speedy striker whose pace leads to his share of goals… Scored six goals in 3 games  for us. Has decided to stay in Europe this year since his wife has a fondness for  the state trooper on our team when he wears his uniform.

Hassan Sayyah Fast and fearless player with the ability to get around any defender. A do or die attitude that serves him and his team well. Received more yellow cards last season then the rest of the team combined. 


Scott Best ball handler this side of Beaver Creek. Was drafted by the Salem Surge in the first round of the 99' draft. Scored a hat trick in his first start.


James Johnson You look'n at me. I'll kick your a$$ on offense or defense. Try it I dare you.  You can't run with this big dog so you better stay on the porch little boy.


Conan Griffith  
I hate soccer. I only play because my wife makes me. She can't stand me around the house so she kicks me out and won't let me in unless I've pulled a muscle to prove that I was playing.

Eric Christensen 
 I play soccer because it's my only chance to wear orange shorts. Everyone else on this team is so drab. I bring a little splash of color to the team. Just don't hurt me I'm only hear for looks. 

Josh Mayer Flamboyant defender/mid/key-
board/accordion thingy/keeper. I can play all over the place so watch out. This metropolitan is taken you down 


I score, I score, it's off to work I go. I score both ways. I've scored more own goal then anyone else on my team. This is much better then being a Catholic Priest.


  I'm the striker your mother warned you about. I'll fly by and score at will. My only weakness is when my weave gets in my eyes and I fall down.


Terry Proctor    You come near me and I'd bite you, except for the fact that I don't have a single tooth in my mouth anymore. Co-ed season was rough on my last tooth.


Matt Cook
 I'm the happy leprechaun on the team. My pot of gold is hidden under the far post so that is where I like to camp and pick off clovers and crosses.

Nadir Mumtaz  I play the stalker role. You can tell by my self picture. Nobody can stalk them like I can. Once I find my mark, their gone, never to score again. 






Last update 09/23/08